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Make a Wheelchair Repair Kit


Updated October 28, 2012

A wheelchair repair kit is something everyone who has a wheelchair should have at the ready. It can be carried in either a wheelchair saddlebag or under the seat of the chair. The kit can be made from easy to find items that are available at your local hardware and medical supply stores. These kits also make great gifts for caregivers, friends and loved ones, especially if you select a fashionable kit bag to hold the kit items.

Tip:Select tools for your kit that are made of quality materials. Go with brand names instead of tools found in dollar stores, which may break easily.

Saddle Bag or Under Seat Bag

A saddle bag or under seat bag is a pouch that can be attached to a wheelchair with Velcro and/or ties. These bags can be purchased at medical supply stores, online retail stores or through Nova Medical Products, which offers many fashionable designer-style bags for men and women that fit their wheelchairs, walkers and canes.

Phillips Head and Flat Head Screwdriver

A Phillips head screwdriver is used on a wide range of screws that have a cross shaped slot in the head. A flat head screwdriver fits in screw heads with a single slot. When shopping for these screwdrivers consider the 2-in-1 style tool. These often feature removable, interchangeable tool heads.

Duct Tape

Duck Tape Brand

Duct tape can be used for numerous repairs, such as fixing a rip in seating material. Duct tape has also gotten more fashionable, coming in a wide variety of colors and prints. This will make the next repair a little more appealing to the eye and it will look less like a Frankenstein fix.

A small amount of duct tape can be carried in the kit, or a smaller roll can also be purchased, instead of carrying a huge roll in the bag.

Hex Torx Key Set

A hex torx key fits into bolts that have a hex shaped head. Some of these key sets come attached to a key ring or a folding model, which is convenient because it helps to keep them from getting lost. There are also ergonomic models, such as Kobalt's flat end set, which features molded ergonomic grips.

Zip or Cable Ties

Zip ties are plastic, adjustable fasteners. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, but most commonly are white. They can be used to tighten or attach items to the chair, and they can be easily removed. In some cases they can be used in place of a screw and threaded through a hole to hold parts together, as a temporary measure only. Carry a few of each size in your repair kit.

Slip Joint Pliers

Slip joint pliers are an often used item in the wheelchair repair kit. They should have anti-slip grip handles, and be made of steel. Their locking quality is helpful for the user because they require minimal hand force.

Nuts, Bolts and Washers

Nuts, bolts and washers are a few of the items most likely to fall off your wheelchair, especially for frequent travelers. Carry two of each type of screw, bolt and washers that your wheelchair uses in a plastic zippered baggie within your repair kit bag.

Wheelchair Tube - Replacement Tire Tubes

New Solutions Primo
Not all wheelchairs use an inner tube in the tire, so this item may or may not be needed in your repair kit. These tubes are available at most medical stores and through online medical suppliers.


Fix A Flat
Fix-A-Flat is an tire inner tube filler and sealer. It comes in 12,16 and 20 ounce sizes. The smallest size, the 12 ounce, can fit in the bottom of a repair kit bag. It is only necessary if the wheelchair owner has tires that require an inner tube.

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