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Mobility Aids and Assistive Devices

How to choose the right mobility aids and assistive devices for the disabled. What items are available and are must-have devices for the home.

Helping Hands
Helping Hands is an organization that trains and provides helper monkeys for the disabled. The Capuchin monkey is especially well suited for helping the disabled with their daily tasks.

Guide Horse Foundation
The Guide Horse Foundation provides free miniature guide horses to individuals who are legally blind in the United States.

Review: Zoom 20 Walker
A review of the Zoom 20 Walker, manufactured by Nova Medical Products. A users review of a day using the Zoom 20 Walker.

The Walker Stalker - an Interview with Sue Chen
Sue Chen is the founder and CEO of Nova Medical Products, USA. She is giving America a Mobility Makeover and changing the way we view the disabled, one walker at a time.

SandPad All Terrain Stabilizer
A review of the SandPad, a device that attaches to the bottom of crutches or canes, preventing users from sinking into the sand when walking on it.

Wheelchair Rentals
Wheelchair rentals are available at many tourist destinations and resorts. Wheelchairs can be rented for a long term or short term, depending upon the users needs. Learn about rental options and considerations before you rent a wheelchair.

Advice on selecting the right powerchair for your needs. If a manual wheelchair isn't right for you, a powerchair may be the answer to your indoor, as well as outdoor, mobility needs.

Kindle Fire for the Disabled
The latest generation of the Amazon.com Kindle, Kindle Fire, offers more to the consumer and users in the disabled community in particular. This Kindle model delivers more than an e-bookreader, and has a touch screen to make navigating books, videos, apps and the web as simple as a swipe of a finger.

Mobility Scooters
Information on the types of mobility scooters available, who would benefit from using them and considerations before purchasing one.

Service Animals
The legal definition of what constitutes a service animal, the duties they perform and their abilities. A discussion of discriminatory practices and where to file complaints if discrimination occurs.

Mobility Scooters User Reviews
What is your experience using mobility scooters? Share your advice for others here.See submissions

Stair Lifts
Stair lifts can make a home accessible again for individuals who cannot walk up and down stairs. They may be purchased new, reconditioned or used, so they can fit any budget.

Kindle Fire User Reviews
User reviews of the Kindle Fire, an e-reader that may be used to view books, magazines, newspapers and a variety of aps, as well as to listen to music, audio books and to view videos.

Zoom 20 Walker User Reviews
User reviews of the Zoom 20 Walker, manufactured by Nova Medical Products.

Newly Disabled
The newly disabled have many concerns about their condition, from how it will be treated, where to find support and how their lives may change. Differently-abled individuals can find help and support from a variety of sources, including friends, family and local organizations.

Gardening for the Disabled
Gardening isn't just for the able-bodied. With the right tools, anyone can garden comfortably and enjoy growing flowers, fruits or vegetables.

Canine Companions for Independence
Canine Companions for Independence is a charitable organization that provides service dogs free of charge to adults who are physically disabled, deaf or hard of hearing. They also provide dogs for use in facilities, such as schools for learning disabled children and health care facilities.

Gift Ideas for Child and Teen Wheelchair Users
Gift ideas for children, teens and young adults who use a wheelchair.

Exoskeletons for the Disabled
Will the future of the disabled individual in a wheelchair change with an exoskeleton? The promise of this device to aid individuals paralyzed from the waist down, as well as those with chronic joint problems, offers hope for the future.

Medicare Requirements for Scooters and Powerchairs
The requirements that must be met by physicians and disabled individuals prior to Medicare approving an application for a mobility scooter or mobility powerchair.

What Type of Wheelchair or Scooter Lift is Right for Me
Advice on selecting the best outdoor wheelchair or scooter lift for your vehicle. Tips based on the mobility needs of the user or their caregiver.

Modern Advancements In Accessible Vehicles
Tips on choosing accessible vehicles, including information on devices and new technology. Advice for both wheelchair and scooter owners.

How to Find the Right Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle
Tips on choosing the right wheelchair accessible vehicle. Advice from Chris Miller, expert on equipment and vehicles for the disabled.

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