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Luke's Wings

Assisting Wounded Warriors and their Families


Updated November 04, 2012

Luke's Wings

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Luke’s Wings is a 501(c) charitable organization that offers complimentary airplane tickets to Texas veterans as well as to wounded warriors recovering at military hospitals across the United States. They also provide a travel booking website that helps benefit wounded warriors and their families.

Luke’s Wing’s mission is to provide transportation to family members so that they can be by a soldier’s side during medical treatment and surgery. This organization recognizes that the love and support a wounded soldier receives from their family during this critical time can help them to recover much more quickly and bolster their morale. The military only provides a family with transportation once during their treatment, and many soldiers require extensive treatment and multiple surgeries, which can put a strain on a family’s resources.

This organization operates with the assistance of corporate sponsorships and donations, as well as through the generous donations of individuals. They also partner with hotels, theme parks and restaurants to assist families while they are staying near various military hospitals during their soldier’s treatment. Throughout the year they also hold fundraisers in and around the Washington, D.C. area.

  • Luke’s Wings
  • 20 Ritchfield Court
  • Rockville, MD, 20850

Email: information@lukeswings.org

Website: http://www.lukeswings.org

Request Travel Assistance: http://www.lukeswings.org/travel.html

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