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Becoming disabled after being able-bodied can be a very stressful time. There are many things to consider, such as applying for Social Security Disability Income, will you be able to keep your current health insurance and whether to continue working or not if you are able. Differently-abled individuals can find help from friends, family members, support groups and the many organizations for specific disabilities located around the world.
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While not all disabled individuals can work, others have disabilities that allow them to work part or full-time jobs. Many issues affect the disabled worker, from getting accessible work areas and equipment, to finding support and acceptance in the workplace.


Becoming disabled may bring big changes when it comes to handling finances. Changes can include health insurance coverage, employment income, Social Security Disability Income, prescription costs and the purchase of assistive devices. Some disabled individuals may require assistance from friends, family members or trusts to handle their finances.


Resources for disabled veterans, their families and caregivers. Locate support and programs in your area and online.


Newly disabled individuals need support from a variety of sources. Finding the support you need can help you get through the tough times.

Mobility and Fashion

There are many ways to get mobile after you have become disabled, whether it is a temporary condition or permanent. In addition, there are many fashionable alternatives for your wardrobe, as well as the mobility devices you choose to use.


The lifestyle of a disabled person includes their housing, social networking, relationships and life's milestones. With the appropriate accommodations, a disabled person can enjoy many of the same things that their able-bodied counterparts can.


Adaptive sports are a great way to get fit or to simply enjoy a leisure activity. Many colleges are adding adaptive sports to their athletic departments to attract a diverse student population.

Disabling Conditions

Conditions that can make a person disabled temporarily or permanently.

Disaster Plans

Tips on preparing for a disaster for yourself, pets and service animals.

Mental Health

Information on depression, stress and how it relates to disability.


Hobbies are a great way to spend time with friends, family or by yourself. Learn about hobbies that can be adapted or are accessible to the disabled of all ages and ability levels.

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