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Hobbies, activities and programs that are designed for disabled individuals.

What is Handicaching?
An explanation of handicaching, which is similar to geocaching involving disabled participants.

List of Hobbies for the Disabled
A list of hobbies that disabled individuals can enjoy, and organizations that support these hobbies. List includes activities for individuals of all ages.

Geocaching for the Disabled
The basics of geocaching, including how to get started, items that are needed and tips for successful treasure hunting. Outline of the different types of geocaching that can be enjoyed by people of all ability levels.

Thrive Organization
Thrive is a charitable organization located in Reading, Berkshire that uses gardening to change the lives of disabled individuals. Thrive believes that anyone with a disability can enjoy gardening, regardless of their physical or mental ability.

Gardening for Disabled Trust
The Gardening for Disabled Trust is an organization located in Turnbridge Wells, Kent. They provide advice for planning and growing an accessible garden, as well as grants for members to assist in making their garden plan a reality.

Gardening for the Disabled
Gardening isn't just for the able-bodied. With the right tools, anyone can garden comfortably and enjoy growing flowers, fruits or vegetables.

Accessible Hunting and Fishing
Disabilities don't have to get in the way of a good hunting or fishing trip. Learn about the National Parks access pass, as well as applying for a disabled hunting and fishing licenses.

Accessible Camping Accommodations Advice
Advice for handicapped travelers on tents, cabins and accessible RVs. Includes information on travel organizations for the disabled, and discounts for disabled travelers.

Recreational Camps for the Disabled
A list of camps that offer year-round recreational programs and respite care for the disabled. Programs range from sit skiing in the winter to fly fishing in the summer.

Newly Disabled
The newly disabled have many concerns about their condition, from how it will be treated, where to find support and how their lives may change. Differently-abled individuals can find help and support from a variety of sources, including friends, family and local organizations.

Knitting for the Disabled
Knitting is a hobby that can be enjoyed by children and adults of all ability levels. Looms and knitting machines may be used to help disabled individuals enjoy this hobby.

List of Adaptive Aids for Knitting and Crocheting
A list of adaptive aids designed for the disabled for knitting and crocheting.

List of Adaptive Kitchen Tools
A list of adaptive kitchen tools for chefs of all ages and abilities. New innovations have made cooking easier for the disabled.

Handicaching - Accessible Geocaching
Handicaching is accessible geocaching. Disabled individuals can enjoy geocaching with accessibility ratings from Handicaching.com.

Gardening Tools and Supplies for the Disabled
Gardening is a fun hobby for many people, and due to awareness of disabilities there are many gardening tools and supplies for the disabled. This is a list of supplies, aids and tools that can help people with many types of disabilities enjoy gardening.

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