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Halloween Costume Ideas for the Disabled


Updated November 29, 2012

11. Mermaid - wheelchair, walker

This costume requires some sewing and/or creative painting ability. Use a length of blue material to cover the front of the wheelchair or walker. The wheelchair user can use the blue material as part of the entire costume- a one piece drape. A wheelchair user can sew a body and mermaid tail onto the blue material, then stick their head through a hole cut out where the mermaid's head should be on the drape. Be sure to add lots of sequins and glitter on the mermaid's tail. Walker users may wear a separate costume for their top, such as a shimmery green, blue or sequined top. The tail can be sewn or painted onto the blue material that is attached to the walker to give the illusion of a mermaid whether they are walking, or seated with the walker in front of them.

12. Magician - wheelchair, walker

A magician should be wearing an outfit that consists of a white shirt, black jacket or cape, and a red tie or vest. They should have a top hat, a black magic wand and a stuffed white rabbit. Accessories may include a deck of cards, three cups and a quarter to play "find the quarter", and a few colored scarves to pull out of a sleeve or pocket. Use a wheelchair desk or a walker desk to set up the magic tricks. Add a black drape to the front of the walker or wheelchair desk decorated with felt magic cards, white rabbits and top hats.

13. King Kong - wheelchair

Dress completely in black and add a black gorilla mask, found at many costume shops. Add a blonde-haired doll to be his girlfriend, Ann Darrow. Alternatively, a girl can be Ann Darrow, dressed in a white dress with a shoulder length wavy blonde wig. Add a large, stuffed gorilla to the back of the wheelchair, with its arms wrapped around the individual's shoulders or neck (depending upon the size of the stuffed animal).

14. Deep Sea Diver - wheelchair, walker, cane

A deep sea diver can be a good costume for an individual who carries an oxygen bottle around with them. Use a snorkel mask or black safety glasses. Swim fins or flippers are optional. Choose a navy or black hooded sweatshirt and matching colored pants. Use a length of black rubber tubing to create a faux air attachment between the oxygen tank and the front of the costume. Use silver duct tape to create a mouth piece for the other end of the rubber tubing.

15. King or Queen on Throne - wheelchair

The outfits may be as ornate as desired; add a tiara or crown and scepter. Decorate the wheelchair as if it were a throne, being careful not to cover the wheels.

16. Thomas the Tank Engine - wheelchair

Create a train out of 1 large and one medium sized cardboard box. Cut out side windows and front windows for the cab of the train. The front of the train will need a large circle attached to it to be the face of Thomas. Paint the boxes medium blue, with the exception of the circle in the front; paint the circle light gray or white (use a Thomas train as your guide). Once dry, add the face to the circle in front, add a few red pin stripes to the engine of the train, add a large number "1" to each side of the train below the windows. The costume worn could be a white t-shirt, a red bandanna worn around the neck and an engineer's cap, or they could dress as Sir Topham Hat.

17. Walker, Texas Ranger - walker

This costume is probably good for an older person with a sense of humor! Dress in a cowboy hat, jeans, well fitting long-sleeved shirt, cowboy boots and don't forget the sheriff's badge. Any type of walker will work with this costume.

18. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - wheelchair

Create an old fashioned car out of a cardboard box for the front of the vehicle. The back of the vehicle, and the driver, are the wheelchair. Add a poorboy cap and a handlebar mustache and the driver is ready to hit the road!

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