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Disability Parking Permits


Updated June 24, 2014

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Do you think you need a disability parking permit? Disabled parking permits, also known as handicapped parking permits, can be issued for long term or short term disabilities. In order to receive a disability parking permit, a person needs to have their physician sign an application for one, and state what the disability is. If the disability is temporary, the physician will state the expected end date of the disability on the application. Applications for total and permanent disability placards of license plates do not have expiration dates.

Types of Permits

A disability parking permit can either be a placard that can be hung from the review mirror when the car is parked, or it can be stamped on a license plate. There is no cost associated with a handicapped placard or license plate. However, if an individual wants a vanity license plate that has the handicapped symbol, there is a cost for the vanity numbers or letters. Otherwise, a standard license plate with a handicapped symbol incurs no additional cost than a normal license plate.

Temporary disability placards issued in the United States are red in color. Permanent disability placards are dark blue. Both types of placards have the disabled individual’s name written on them, as well as the issuing clerk’s office and phone number. They are non-transferable to another individual and can only be used by the individual whose name is written on them. This means that if a car is parked in a disabled or handicapped designated parking place, the disabled person must be either the driver or a passenger in that car.

Where to Get an Application

Applications for a disability parking permit are available from town or city clerk’s office in the U.S. Many physicians have these applications available in their office as well, to expedite the process for their patients.

Where Permits can be Used

A disability parking permit can be used in any public parking place designated with a handicapped symbol. The symbol may be painted on the pavement in the parking spot, or it may be designated by a sign at the front of the parking space. Individuals who have expired placards or who park in a handicapped parking space without a disability placard or license plate are subject to state and local fines, and may be towed from the parking space as well.

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