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What is the National Organization on Disability?


Updated August 27, 2011

Question: What is the National Organization on Disability?
A description of the National Organization on Disability, their initiatives and contact information.

The National Organization on Disability was founded in 1981. Its primary focus today is to promote employment of the disabled. In 1994 it formed the Start on Success, which is an internship program for disabled high school students.

NOD uses public opinion surveys (done through Harris Interactive) to gauge issues of importance to the disabled community, to assess success of their programs and to set goals for the future.

After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the National Organization on Disability began the Emergency Preparedness Initiative to better educate communities and businesses on how to prepare individuals, and especially the disabled, for an emergency.

Email: info@nod.org

Twitter: @NOD_ItsAbility

Website: http://nod.org/

New York
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  • Washington
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