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Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation


Updated December 29, 2012

Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation:

"The goal of ASDF is to support children with an autism spectrum disorder by providing information, education and financial assistance to their families and relevant community service organizations."

The ASDF seeks to educate families about autism, provide financial assistance and to provide camp scholarships so that children with autism can have new experiences with other children. In addition they provide free Early Detection Kits to individuals and organizations who work with infants, toddlers and preschool-aged children.

The Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation has the following programs:

  • Social Skills Camp
  • Holiday Gift Card Program
  • Autism Awareness Project
  • Swim Program
  • Film School Scholarship Program
  • iPad Program
  • Equine Therapy (Hippotherapy)
  • Trade School Scholarship Program

Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation

228 W. Lincoln Highway 301

Schereville, IN 46375

Phone: 877-806-0635

Website: http://www.myasdf.org

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