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Recreational Camps for the Disabled


Updated December 27, 2012

There is nothing like the feel of the great outdoors, whether it is in summer or winter. A multitude of activities can be enjoyed outside, and there are many recreational camps that offer activities designed specifically for individuals of all ages with disabilities.

The following list provides website information for recreational camps for the disabled, as well as respite care for children and adults.

Disclaimer: This list is not all inclusive. Inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement by About.com. If you run a camp for disabled individuals and their families and have a website you would like included on this list, send a note to disability@aboutguide.com.

1. California - Camp Krem

Camp Krem offers year-round programs, summer camp, travel camp, and a respite program for disabled individuals of all ages.

Camping Unlimited - Camp Krem is a "non-profit organization providing special needs children and adults a full program of recreation, education, fun and adventure. Our program encourages independence, nurtures responsibility, develops competence and builds lifelong friendships in a warm supportive atmosphere of planned permissiveness."

2. Canada - Camp Winston

Camp Winston is located in Ontario, Canada. The camp offers recreational opportunities for kids with complex neurological disorders who need highly specialized support. Each summer they operate four, two-week summer sessions attended by a total of 120 campers aged 6 – 12. They also offer Autism Weekends, Sibling Weekends and various workshops.

3. Colorado - Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center

"The Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center (BOEC) is a national leader in outdoor adventure education serving all people, with a specialized focus on serving those with disabilities and special needs."

The BOEC offers an extensive list of programs including Adventure Camps, retreats, Adaptive Ski and Ride School, Paralympic Sport Breckenridge, Wounded Warrior programs, and many more.

4. Colorado - Challenge Aspen

"Challenge Aspen is dedicated to impacting lives by presenting meaningful recreational, educational and cultural experiences to individuals faced with cognitive or physical challenges. The aim of Challenge Aspen is to carefully orchestrate life changing adventures, giving participants the courage to learn something new, trust their own abilities and carry that ideal forward, reaching toward goals in other areas of their lives."

The organization provides numerous activities throughout the year, including programs such as Outdoor Adventure Camp, an adaptive bike tour, winter recreation camps, C.A.M.O. camp for Wounded Warriors, and more.

5. Iowa - Camp Courageous

Camp Courageous provides recreational facilities and respite care facilities for individuals with disabilities.

"The camp is open year-round and has over 150 acres of land with 16 buildings. Annually, Camp Courageous serves thousands of individuals with disabilities ranging in age from 1 to 105."

6. Maine - Maine Adaptive Sports & Recreation

"Maine Adaptive is the largest year-round adaptive recreation program in the state of Maine for adults and children with physical disabilities." They over 3500 lessons winter and summer, free of charge. They offer lessons in Alpine skiing and snowboarding, Nordic skiing and snowshoeing, cycling, golf, paddling, fly fishing, lake fishing and ocean fishing.

7. Minnesota - Courage Center

"Courage Center has a full continuum of services to offer people with disabilites or complex health conditions, from medical rehabilitation to health, fitness and sports. We also have warm-water pools and adaptive fitness centers that are attractive options for anyone - with or without a disability - who wants to improve or maintain their fitness."

The Courage Center offers an Aquatics, Fitness and Wellness Camp, sit water skiing, handcycling, quad rugby, wheelchair softball, and many more.

There are multiple locations of the Courage Center including Duluth and the Twin Cities area.

8. New York - Camp Oakhurst

Offers a summer camp as well as respite care programs from September through June each year. Camp Oakhurst "serves children, teens and adults with physical and developmental disabilities, including autism. Our campus is fully accessible and barrier free for wheelchair users, including our heated swimming pool."

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