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Camps for Disabled Children


Updated December 27, 2012

Camps for disabled children provide the extra attention that these individuals need. No matter the disability, the following camps offer a variety of activities during various times throughout the year. Parents and caregivers will find camp options that include weekly, weekend, day and overnight programs.

The camps in this list are arranged alphabetically according to state, with the exception of programs that exist in multiple states. Those programs can be found in this list under "Multiple States."

Disclaimer: This list is not all inclusive. Inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement by About.com. If you have a website for your camp for disabled children/teens, and you would like to be included on this list, send a note to disability@aboutguide.com.

1. California - Ability First Camp Paivika

Camp Paivika offers programs for children and adults "with physical and developmental disabilities. Our children’s programs are geared toward boys and girls of school age, from 5-22 years old. Our adult programs are intended for women and men of at least 18 years of age, with no upper age limit."

AbilityFirst offers a broad range of programs, and provides accessible buildings. Scholarships are available.

2. Florida - Frontier Travel Camp

"Frontier travelers are high functioning individuals aged from 16+ years. They have varying learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, and/or other difficulties requiring more supervision and guidance than the mainstream camper.

Our travelers have varying special needs. Diagnoses include: Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, William’s Syndrome, and other special needs. No matter the diagnosis, our traveler’s are high- functioning individuals who are interested in making lasting relationships and in seeing the world."

3. Georgia - Aerie Experiences

Aerie Experiences offers "adventure-based, wilderness and therapeutic activities for children, individuals and families navigating Neurobiological Disorders, Aspergers, High Functioning Autism, Learning Disabilities and other special needs."

They offer a variety of programs, ranging from teen respite weekends to social adventures for children aged 8 to 12.

4. Iowa - Camp Courageous

Camp Courageous offers year-round camps for children, as well as adults. They also offer respite care for people with disabilities. Children who attend camp are grouped with individuals who have similar disabilities. "The camp provides opportunities for social and personal growth within a supportive environment. Campers learn to try a variety of creative and challenging activities and experience success. Campers develop enhanced self-esteem which carries over to work, home, or school environments."

5. Minnesota - Camp Buckskin

Camp Buckskin offers an "overnight summer camp program that specializes in serving boys and girls ages 6 - 18 who are experiencing social skill and academic difficulties. While not an entrance requirement, the majority of our campers have a primary diagnosis of AD/HD, Learning Disabilities, or Aspergers while others may have a secondary or related diagnosis." The camp sessions are one-month long, and there are two sessions per summer.

6. Multiple States - SOAR

"Students participating in SOAR's summer camps, weekend, winter break and semester courses take part in adventure experiences as diverse as camping, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, SCUBA diving, sea kayaking, and horseback riding." There is limited financial aid available for summer programs.

SOAR also offers programs in other states including Florida, Wyoming, California, Belize, Costa Rica and the Adirondack Mountains.

7. New Hampshire - Camp Starfish

Camp Starfish is a summer camp and year-round support program for children with emotional, behavioral, social, and learning challenges. It provides a 1-to-1 ratio of staff to campers at all times. Some Starfish Kids have been diagnosed "with one or more of the following: anxiety, ADHD, learning disabilities (including NVLD), Autism, Aspergers, PDD, Oppositional Defiance, anger problems, sensory processing/ integration disorder, depression, bipolar, inflexible explosivity, reactive attachment, and other extra needs."

This camp offers a variety of programs including day camp, weekend respite, overnight and teen camp.

8. New York - Camp Huntington

Camp Huntington is a "co-ed, residential program for children and young adults with special learning and developmental needs." They offer 3 programs: Autism, Aspergers and PDD, Developmentally Disabled, and Learning Disabled, ADD/ADHD. Sessions range from an extended week to three weeks.

9. New York - Double H Ranch

"The Double H Ranch in Lake Luzerne, NY provides a Summer Residential Camp, an Adaptive Winter Sports Program and Spring and Fall Family Programming to children and their families dealing with life-threatening illnesses. Each session lasts 6 days and accommodates approximately 126 campers with a camper to staff ratio of 2:1."

The camp is open to children aged 6 to 16. There is no cost for children who attend this camp.

10. North Carolina - Victory Junction

Provides a summer camp experience to children with specific childhood illnesses or conditions. The cost of attending the camp is paid by donations. Children must be between the ages of 6 and 16.

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