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Updated April 16, 2014

Disabled individuals come in all ages, shapes and sizes, and their adaptive clothing needs are no different. Unfortunately, many of their clothing options are designed for older people with more of a focus on functionality rather than style or fashion. Luckily, many new designers are realizing that there is a need for fashionable, stylish clothing for children, teens and adults. They are striving to create outfits that are current and trendy, yet are comfortable for individuals who may spend much of their day in a sitting-down position.

The following designers and stores are working towards producing great looking, durable, clothing lines for the disabled consumer.

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Able Apparel

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Able Apparel offers a selection of outdoor ponchos for all seasons (some with fleece lining) for adults and children. They also offer a selection of bandana bibs, matty bibs and wheelchair accessories.


DonCookPhoto @Dreamstime
Able2Wear sells adaptive men’s suits, shirts, trousers and outdoor wear, as well as women’s and children’s outdoor wear and accessories. While their focus is primarily for seated customers, they offer adaptive clothing options for other disabilities, such as MS, MD and CP.

Adaptations by Adrian

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Adaptations by Adrian offers the consumer a wide arrange of clothing and accessories to their clientele. Unique items, such as the bus pass/cell phone holder, arm warmers, swimsuits and cute boots can be found here, made for people of all ages.

Easy Access

Easy Access makes adaptable clothing for men, women and children. Clothing in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics. Examples include camo cargo pants, Polartec hooded capes for children and polo shirt bodysuits.

Izzy Camilleri Adaptive Clothing

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Are you looking for upscale evening wear, a wedding gown or perfectly fitting business wear? Izzy Camilleri designs adaptive clothing for men and women that are beautiful and functional. Her design studio also offers alteration services, such as hemming and adding zippers in specific locations.


chiyacat @Dreamstime
Janska offers a wide selection of fashionable clothing made from Polartec fleece. Products range from stylish raincoats to arm and hand warmers to fleece booties and cloche hats. These colorful clothing items are manufactured for men and women.


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LegaWear sews custom made pieces made to the specifications of the consumer. Items that can be ordered include pants, shirts, jackets, trousers, suits and tuxedos. The company serves both men, women and children who need upscale clothing that reflect the individual’s personal taste in design and fabric.


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Provides a wide variety of casual clothing options for people of all ages. Of particular note is the swimsuits for children, which include a bikini style for girls. Their mission is “to add a rainbow of color and sparkle into the rather grey healthcare industry, reflecting the vibrant, challenging and colorful lives of our customers.”

Roll Modern

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Roll Modern makes “fashion that fits when you sit.” They produce a wide selection of casual and business clothing for men and women. Examples include cord pants or jeans, Goretex windbreakers and softshell jackets. In addition, they offer a made to order service so that customers can create their own shirts, blazers, skirts, suits and more from a wide selection of fabrics.

Rollin' Wear

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Rollin’ Wear designs adaptive denim jeans, t-shirts and hats for the male consumer. The company plans to launch a woman’s adaptive clothing line in the near future. Their mission is to Exceed, Inspire and Roll, and to encourage the acceptance of the disabled in our society.
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